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Ultrasound Scan

With the aid of ultramodern technology, we are able to provide topnotch ultrasound services in the following areas:

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  • Abdominal Scan: Ultrasound visualization of abdominal organs and other contents of peritoneal cavity.

  • Pelvic Scan: Used to assess the lower abdominal organs;

  • Breast Scan: Ultrasound Assessment of the breast tissue and the regional lymph nodes to detect masses solitary lesion or any other disease condition of the breast.

Mammography Services

Our specialized Mammography service uses a low-dose x-ray system to see inside the breasts which aids in the early detection and diagnosis of breast diseases in women.

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We offer a wide range of state-of-the-art mammography services in a comfortable setting.

  • Our screening mammogram service helps to screen for breast cancer in women without symptoms.

  • Our diagnostic mammogram services helps to capture individual areas in the breast tissues.

  • Our breast ultrasound is a radiation-free exam that helps to produce images of breast tissue.

  • We also offer breast biopsy to remove a small sample of tissue to evaluate abnormalities.

X-Ray Diagnostics

We offer a swift access to X-ray examinations with detailed reports from our expert Radiologists.

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Our X-ray services provides a quick and painless diagnostic test to take pictures of your body interior.

  • Our scans are carried out by experienced Radiographers.

  • We ensure you receive the highest level of professional care.

  • Our X-rays scan help to check for joint damage or inflammation.

  • Our X-rays scan help to check signs of disease in your soft tissue and organs.

MRI Diagnostics

We provide a full spectrum of MRI services by using magnetic fields to obtain very detailed images of the human body.

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  • We provide World Class MRI scanning services

  • Our Service is supported by our professional & knowledgeable team

  • Our professional team will support you through every step of your journey with us

  • Our MRI services are available to patients that may have anxiety issues


Discovery Imaging Center offers Computerised Tomography Scan (CT-SCAN) powered by advanced technology and professional consultants in a comfortable and homely environment

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  • Our CT scan is a painless & non-invasive procedure

  • We use specialised X-ray equipment to scan and diagnose different health conditions

  • We are able to detect the smallest abnormalities in your bones lungs and blood vessels

  • We do all the above by analysing a series of detailed images taken from various angles with our state of the art equipment.